Alice Vander Vennen




As a child of immigrant parents, we had little. That meant we played with whatever was at hand. We sculpted clay dug from the back skating pond. We built sculptures with off-cuts of wood and created elaborate rugs by braiding endless miles of bailor twine. In some ways, in spite of my degree in fine art, I feel that I have never actually stopped this activity.

In my art career, I am most honored by how I've been allowed to share my art with thousands of students, spanning three decades as an art instructor. I am also honoured that my work is found in private collections around the world.



What I love about working with a variety of textiles, found objects and natural materials such as branches and stone, is that by juxtaposing them into an assemblage, a new narrative emerges. Because many of the textiles have been sourced from the Textile Museum in Toronto and have originated from many cultures, the textiles themselves bring their own story to the work of art. I'm inspired to tell the story of people's journeys, stories that in some way reflect my own as a child of parents who left war-torn Holland. I seek to capture stories of loss and hope, courage and strength. I love how working with found objects and textiles always brings with it the element of surprise and wonder.

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June 4-6, 2021
September 17-19, 2021
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