Annie Gudia

Chevy Chase



Annie Guthrie Gudis, native Maryland oil painter, has worked as a professional artist in many mediums for over 35 years. She creates layered oil paintings featuring translucent cloudscapes juxtaposed with ocean, country and cityscapes. A versatile artist, Ms. Gudis was a professional ballet dancer for twenty years, has worked as a pastry chef in the White House and has designed and built costumes for Team USA ice dancers. She was trained at the Corcoran College of Art and George Washington University in painting.



I'm fascinated by the relationship between earth and sky. Whether over beaches, barns or skyscrapers, the sky is always intriguing.My paintings are traditionally crafted layered oils on canvas. I begin with a blank white surface on which I apply a multi-colored ground which causes the next layers to really sing.Next I mix paint: my favorite task. Working with exquisite paints is like squeezing jewels from tubes. The palette is often shades of blue. I establish the light source to flavor the scene with yellows, pinks and violets appropriate to the time of day, season and weather.My inspiration comes from beach walks, skyscrapers and bridges, and barns and fields. It comes from both master and contemporary artists I have studied. I'm continually inspired by my fellow artists who present at the shows and festivals. I paint the things I love to see. It's as simple as that.

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June 4-6, 2021
September 17-19, 2021
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