I love drafting, layered paint and color.Canvases are gesso primed with sepia toned oil drawings and 5+layers of color for luminescence.My work features cloud compositions with sky perspective.





I paint things I love to see. Clouds are never still and I'm fascinated by this abstract ballet and the perspective tension between earth and sky. My paintings are traditionally crafted layered oils on canvas. I begin with a blank white surface on which I apply a multi-colored ground which causes the next layers to really sing. Next I mix paint: my favorite task. Working with exquisite Old Holland and Windsor Newton paints is like squeezing jewels from tubes. The palette is predominantly shades of blue hues. I establish the light source and flavor the clouds with yellows, pinks and violets appropriate to the time of day, season and weather. I'm inspired by daily beach walks and the treasures that I find there. From gazing at the heavens over salt ponds and seagrass. From the bright moon over the wiggly trees behind my studio. From laughing gulls, egrets and eagles. My greatest artistic influence has been the work of Michelangelo. I have twice traveled to Italy where I was fortunate to see the Sistine Chapel both before and after cleaning restoration.