Figurative and Abstract work. Brightly colored oil on canvas paintings of faces decorated with dots of color and pure gestural abstraction utilizing oil glazes and a sgraffito technique.





Chris Curchin is a self taught artist who works both abstractly and figuratively, primarily in oil on canvas.

His figurative work involves faces and figures decorated with dots of color in motifs of flower, rosette, teardrop, scroll and leaf. Technically highly controlled, the paintings express an allusion to mortality, matter and energy fields. He often does graphite and water color studies as preparation for the paintings.

Chris? abstract work is an on going experiment to explore non representation, non space/ non form surfaces: He works with glazes, and a sgraffito technique: heavily marked and scratched surfaces that bristle with movement and drama. Less rigorously controlled than his figurative work, the abstracts are more free form with an element of compulsive mark making, at once playful and aggressive.