David Gordon




As a child I was influenced by my parents who were both artists in their own right. My mother had a florist growing up and I was always surrounded by flowers and plants. A lot of the design elements that went into a floral arrangement has influenced my painting technique. The idea of space with the anchor or ground and the linear elements of growth that fill the space.



This body of work, I have let the drawing be emphasized by having the charcoal remain. This allows the viewer to see a history of the thought process and develop linear elements that hold the painting together. The inspiration is a botanical theme that has evolved throughout my painting career.

A note from the Artist: 

Thank you for visiting and staying connected! The image shown represents the style of art created. RSFAS is offering an on-line Gallery for the September 2020 show. Check it out! Please use the contact link below if you have questions, or want to learn more about the artwork.

A note from RSFAS:

For questions or clarification about the artwork, please contact the artist directly. 

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