I prints on acid free paper using the stone lithography or sik screen techniques. Some are combinations of the two methods, and some are overprinted with mono printed elements.





As a printmaker I work with the acid tint method of stone lithography. Unlike the more common method of drawing on a stone with a greasy crayon to build up a positive image to print, this method works negatively, and the artist reduces the image from a starting point of solid black. To make this black base the stone is evenly coated with a diluted asphaltum solution which is very greasy and will attract ink. This ground is buffed dry and would print as an opaque flat black. If I want a white area in the print, I sometimes mask the stone before applying the asphaltum. This protects the stone from the grease and allows no ink to attach. In order to make tones of gray or clear white, the base must be progressively etched away with Nitric acid. I paint the acid with a brush or soak fabric before applying it to the stone. It is a reductive process rather like wood or stone carving. In this way the image is gradually realised and when it is complete, can be printed in the usual way.