My subject is the human form. Less its descriptive characteristics and more its formal and emotive possibilities. I want my artwork to embody a personality created through its graphic language. I also want the image to engage and excite a curiosity of perception. The process usually begins with an abstracted drawing from life. By taking this into a print medium, I feel I am honoring its essentials and developing suggested ideas. Depending on unique characteristics, I allow the picture to direct its own journey, which may assume unpremeditated directions. The necessary control of printmaking acts as a counterweight to this freedom and contributes its own quality towards a new appreciation and end result.


My artistic life had been like a sandwich. The bread of fine art, containing a filler professional commercialism. My childhood in London was given to image making. Drawing and painting mostly, but also a range of graphic disciplines in an arts oriented high school. I received a BA in Graphic Design from Brighton University, College of Art, and the General Photography Certificate from the City & Guilds of London Institute at Paddington College. After several apprenticeship years, I moved to New York, and developed a photography practice specialising in studio still life. Whilst working commercially, my interests were primarily in the arts, and when the opportunity to devote myself once again to drawing and painting I grasped it. I studied at the Art Students League of New York, most recently in the printmaking department. My practice now is as a printmaker and painter.



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