Kim Smith

East Petersburg



Kim Myers Smith is an American painter best known for her lavish still-lifes that honor familiar subjects, like lush florals, edible treats, and humorous birds - in her singular expressive style. Her paintings often display reverence for and mementos from her life in Pennsylvania's Lancaster countryside. Expressive local birds and close-ups of flowers from the farmers' markets are dominant, but she also paints sentimental and sweet items like candies and fruit, Christmas wrappings and ornaments, and commissioned pets. Smith's paintings display her uniquely warm and gently humorous sensibility. Through her daily art practice, Smith's art also captures the feeling of the calm before the storm - just-picked flowers still alive and vibrant, bows ready to be untied, ornaments still in their boxes, or a be-scarfed Blue jay awaiting the cold wind. Her art truly mirrors the feelings of peace and calm generated through a morning ritual before the hustle of daily modern life. In this way, Smith almost bottles up that feeling of lighthearted bliss to deliver to anyone in need of a bit of whimsy and joy in their lives.

Smith's early morning art practice, impressive art business and social media following, and demands as a business owner and mother of three are a testament to the tireless pursuit of the challenge of painting. She paints each morning, completing one small canvas almost every day, while also posting tips, lessons, and inspiration to her 24,000+ social media followers. She is a living example that by harnessing the power of habit and building community, one can pursue any goal.

Smith earned her BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University and has owned TCG Design in East Petersburg for more than 28 years. Smith sells her artwork online, in galleries and shows, creates an annual calendar of her expressive birds, shares live painting videos on Instagram, and offers art workshops in her studio. As a graphic designer, her recent work includes important campaigns for the Power Packs Project and the YWCA. She spends as much time as she can creating and bringing joy to those around her, one painting at a time.



I feel that I was born with a love of art in my soul. A native of Lancaster County, I earned my BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University and have owned TCG Design in East Petersburg for more than 27 years. Even though I am in a creative business, something was always missing. After the last of my three children became more independent, I was drawn to pursue my love of painting. Now I paint every day, rising before the sun. Committing to this daily practice fits perfectly into my busy life. Over the past seven years, I have developed a consistent style in my painting. Yet my subject matter is diverse, from florals and landscapes to birds and fruit, with a holiday ornament or summer crab mixed in to celebrate a special moment in time.

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June 4-6, 2021
September 17-19, 2021
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