Rachael Newman




My current body of work started to deepen into my being when we were sailing for 18 months. The serenity of the sea during off-shore crossings... the sight of islands in the distance.... the dynamic nature of clouds & sea... all these visions moved me to capture the images that were constantly present in my minds' eye.



Water flows through all my paintings, but the majority are tranquil seascapes with obscure horizon lines. I typically add a small boat or whisper of land to draw the viewer into my serene world with the expansive sea & sky capturing the essence of what you don't see; the space behind the mist, clouds & shadows. The bold palette knife foundation gives my work depth and texture. I'm amazed that they are even the same painting once the layers of washes and brush strokes soften their essence.

A note from the Artist: 

Thank you for visiting and staying connected! The image shown represents the style of art created. Please use the contact link below if you have questions, or want to learn more about the artwork.

A note from RSFAS:

For questions or clarification about the artwork, please contact the artist directly. 

June 4-6, 2021
September 17-19, 2021
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