Sean Taylor

Cape May



One day a stranger asked me what was my passion. I had never thought about it. "I don't have one" "Well, what have you always wanted to do?" "I've always wanted to learn to paint" "Then that's what you should do." Years later I won the top award at PAFA for painting. They sent me to Europe.



There is a power in pure coincidence, and I work accordingly. I attempt to control, but the process unfolds organically. (The paintings don't always play along). The ensuing images may only make sense in the subconscious. I am often pleased with the result and claim full responsibility.

A note from the Artist: 

Thank you for visiting and staying connected! The image shown represents the style of art created. RSFAS is offering an on-line Gallery for the September 2020 show. Check it out! Please use the contact link below if you have questions, or want to learn more about the artwork.

A note from RSFAS:

For questions or clarification about the artwork, please contact the artist directly. 

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September 10-13, 2020 VIRTUAL
June 4-6 2021