I draw an image on silk backing, then accenting the drawing with silk embroidery over the image.

Mixed Media




For over 40 years, I have put my heart and soul into my embroidery. I originally learned about working with textiles and silks from my mother, when I was eight years old. Eager to pursue my passion in this highly skilled form of art, I decided to study textiles at the University of Art in China. I then went on to receive my Masters in Art from Kobe University in Japan, with a focus on Kimono embroidery. Because embroidery has slowly become a lost art, I decided to use silk thread as my medium to truly detail the beauty and intricacy of the natural world. My pieces incorporate a delicate blend of indigenous Japanese styles and Chinese techniques. First, I paint the image on a silk background, and then accent the painting on top by embroidery with very fine silk thread. This results in works of art that are exceptionally detailed when observed up close, and remarkably realistic from afar.