show information for professional artists

June 2022 Application Available Soon

We are proud that in addition to our ranking of

#1 show in the country by Sunshine Artist Magazine, our June and September shows  were also ranked #1 and #4 respectively in Art Fair SourceBook's Top 100 Fine Art Shows

for 2019. 


These rankings, based on sales, are compiled each year from the feedback cards sent in by show artists. We'd like to thank all of the excellent professional and student artists who make our shows some of the best in the country.

Read the FAQ below to learn more about our shows and get answers to your questions.

Required Taxes & City License

All exhibiting artists are responsible for City and State taxes. PHILADELPHIA TAXES & CITY LICENSE: Here is the link to the Trade Show Vendor Return and instructions you need to fulfill your city tax obligations after the show. If you need any help, please address questions to Dana Jones at the Philadelphia Department of Revenue, at 215-686-6448 or She has been told to expect your calls, and will happy to help! PENNSYLVANIA TAXES: You will also need to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue for information about your Pennsylvania (6%) and Philadelphia (2%) sales tax responsibilities. Prior to making taxable sales, rentals or leases, one must apply for a license with the PA Department of Revenue. Registration for Sales, Use and Hotel Occupancy Tax, Public Transportation Assistance Fund Taxes and Fees and Vehicle Rental Tax can be completed by registering online using the PA Open for Business website at : or by completing a paper PA Enterprise Registration Form (PA-100).

RSFAA Code of Conduct

RITTENHOUSE SQUARE FINE ARTS ASSOCIATION CODE OF CONDUCT The Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Association is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination and harassment. We ask all Show participants to embrace our values of equity and equality and conduct themselves at this Show consistent with those values. At every Show, there is a designee as the first point of contact for any who thinks they have experienced discriminatory, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior. View a complete copy of the RSFAA Discrimination and Harassment Policy here. Thank you.

Set Up Procedure for Professional Artists

Prior to the show, please familiarize yourself with the set-up times, which are
based on odd or even booth numbers. To find out if you have been assigned an even
or odd booth space number, please go to the "List of Artists" under "EXHIBITING ARTISTS" on the website menu bar.
Below are a few rules you will need to follow:
• All artists must obtain color-coded permit, which will be attached to the park fence
surrounding the park at your booth space.
• These permits must be displayed on the dash of your vehicle at all times during
set up and tear down.
• These Yellow and Orange permit cards must be returned to the fence before you
leave at the end of the show
GROUP A - (YELLOW PERMIT) - 2:00 to 4:15 PM – Set Up window for artists
with EVEN numbered booth spaces

GROUP B - (ORANGE PERMIT) - 4:30 TO 6:30 PM - Set Up window for artists
with ODD numbered booth spaces

All artists who have not set up at their designated time can begin setting up at
6:30 PM. You can also set up Friday morning between 7:00 and 10:30 AM.

• Security will be present to ensure that participating artists are following the process
and keep things running smoothly.
• Artists are not permitted to pull up on the sidewalk at any time, unless they have a
corner space.
• Vehicles must be moved before the next group is scheduled to arrive. This will
be strictly enforced.
Failure to comply with these set up policies may result in expulsion from this event or
being barred from participation in future events.

Artist Resource Kit

Here you will find marketing tools that reflect our branding. These branded images have been created to ensure consistency in our marketing efforts. Please use them as you communicate with your collectors.

Important Show Information

Please read all information provided here for a worry-free show. Thank you!

Sept 2021 Show Dates & Hours

Friday, Sept 17, 2021 11am - 6pm Saturday, Sept 18, 2021 11am - 6pm Sunday, Sept 19, 2021 11am - 5pm

Event Map

The professional artists line the perimeter of the park with their mobile galleries. Click here to download map

Facebook Live & IGTV Training

If you are participationg in these additional ways to connect with your art buyers, here are links to the mandatory training videos and a downloable powerpoint presentation that is covered in the video. Facebook Live Demo & IGTV Interview Training Videos are from our June 2021 Virtual Edition Show, but continue to be relevant for any artist doing an FB Demo or IGTV Interview. VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 The info on these two videos is the same. Different questions are addressed at the end of each video. POWERPOINT download and print. RSFAS Artist Resource YouTube Channel check out all the offerings. RSFAS Instagram Page to review prior RSFAS Live Events. Tips & Tricks for Creating a Compelling Video Presentation Audio, Lighting, Eye Contact, PRACTICE!

Hotels & Parking

HOTELS If the board has worked out any special rates, these will be emailed to you directly. PARKING Parkwhiz Best Parking meterUP If you want to utilize metered parking. Download the app prior to arrival. Please Remember! This is a big city. If you have a large van, trailer or RV, you may have some difficulty finding a lot. They are out there, but after you find one, you may have to walk several blocks back to the Square.