Artshow Checklist

As you walk through the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show on the first three day weekend of June, many of you might not be clear on how to actually buy a piece of artwork. There are all different kids of shoppers, and just as many different reasons to buy a piece. Some people have been following an artist for several years, while other people are ready to give in to something that strikes a chord and makes their heart flutter. Here’s a checklist to help you with your art show experience this weekend. 

1. Take it all in. This may sound obvious, but there really is so much to see, so many artists and the beautiful day at a beautiful park. It’s all going to be part of your experience. Pace yourself, and be ready for an adventure. 

2. Take notes. Make notes about artists you want to revisit, or begin following online. Their online presence may offer a rich and colorful insight into their work, and you may just discover a new obsession. 

3. Take a break, nobody should shop for artwork on an empty stomach. Within a few blocks in every direction from the park are some of the greatest restaurants in Philadelphia. 

4. Don’t talk yourself out of owning something. You might find yourself coming back to look at a piece three times. Think about how you pick a puppy from the litter, you should let the right puppy pick you, just like the piece of artwork that grabbed your heart. It picked you. 

5. Understand the value. No amount of money is too much when it’s going to make you happy. Artwork will make your life better. Supporting the artist is going to help them continue to be a better artist, and their work will become a part of your heart, your home and your family. It sounds like a great deal for everyone. 

6. Enjoy. Enjoy who you’ve become, as a result of being a supportive patron of such a prestigious event. Few things compare to being an art collector, because it will always remind you of how much love you have in every part of your life.