Inspired by Surroundings but Created From Within

Contemporary abstract painter, Nancy Barch, finds inspiration in the movement of city life to create her highly sought after abstract works.

If you've ever found yourself standing in front of an abstract painting, you have probably have experienced a rush of thoughts and feelings, sometimes about the work itself, and sometimes its simply a reflection on what is going on in your life.

Artist Nancy Barch, an award winning Philadelphia contemporary abstract painter, shares her thoughts on what abstract means to her. " Abstract art is not a form of craft. It's extremely difficult and comes from within the interior of an artist, not the exterior." While abstract art may seem random and spontaneous, Barch shares that there is much thought and process in creating her pieces.

Using acrylic paint, paper and sometimes fabric, Barch creates contemporary works of art. The subject matter often dictates which materials she uses. She shares some examples of how she picks her material: "An urban scene would have more hard edges than say, a floral, which seems softer and more fluid. Therefore one would have cut papers, maybe found objects, while the other would employ the use of fabrics and torn papers."

"Abstract art is not a form of craft. It's extremely difficult and comes from within the interior of an artist, not the exterior. "

When asked what she hopes viewers get out of her work, Barch shares, "I hope their lives are enriched by my work. I realize art is not a necessity for many people, it's a true luxury or an item of decor for some, but I hope those who purchase my work feel connected to it and need it in their surroundings. "

Nancy Barch has been a long time member of the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art show Family, and we are pleased to announce that her work was selected to be the Featured Artist on the Rittenhouse Square Park Banners during the show this September 2019.

To learn more about Nancy Barch, you can find her at:

You'll find Nancy Barch in Space #109 at the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show this September 13-15, along with 142 other artists ready to inspire you.

Written by Teresa Haag

Marketing Director Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Association

& Cityscape Painter