US Naval Engineer to Professional Artist

Pastel artist, Bob Richey, uses skills he learned during his 25 year career as a US Naval Engineer to make the shift into pursuing life as a professional artist.

Recently, I had a chance to catch up with pastel artist, Bob Richey, and was intrigued by his former career as a US Naval Engineer. Oftentimes, when you ask an artist when they knew they wanted to pursue a career in the visual arts, they share that they just always knew. Bob was well into his 25 year career in the Navy before he decided to make that leap.

Richey replied, "I did an entire 25 year engineering career working for the United States Navy before becoming a professional artist. It was during this period that I gradually became more and more serious about art and patience and hard work allowed me to realize my dream to become a full time artist."

Richey creates rural and urban themed landscapes with soft pastels applied to a sanded ground. He strives to put a strong emphasis on composition, color, and harmony in his artwork. He chooses to work in a small format so he can explore many subjects and keep his work affordable.

"My artwork is inspired by my everyday life. I usually do not go out specifically looking for something to draw. I simply keep my eyes open wherever my day leads me. Art enriches my everyday life."

When you take a moment to pause and look around, there are so many beautiful moments. Bob Richey masterfully captures those moments in pastel, flooding them with color and richness that needs to be seen in real life.

To learn more about Bob Richey, you can find him at: Website:

You'll find Bob Richey in Space #8 at the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show this June 7-9, along with 142 other artists ready to inspire you.

Written by Teresa Haag

Marketing Director Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Association

& Cityscape Painter