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Our heartfelt THANKS
to the collectors, patrons, and art appreciators
who made our
September all originals fine art show
on beautiful Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia
such a success!
2021 Head shot - Steve CROP.jpg
Steve Francis Wolf REV.jpg

First Lady of PA, Francis Wolf presenting Steve with a proclamation.

After 18 years, Steve Oliver is stepping down from the Managing Director position of the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show.

After so many years, Steve Oliver has become one of the public monuments of Philadelphia and Rittenhouse Square Park. Most people know him as infinitely patient, with an eye for detail and a quick sense of humor that lurks behind every interaction. As an artist, his wildlife drawings reveal precision and focus, and the same can be said for his role as the director of the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show. He took his role as an agent of the board to be an extension of his own personality, making rich connections with people from all of the city's public services. During his tenure he watched the entire industry evolve and adapt to technology and media. Whenever there was a new head of Parks and Recreation or Friends of Rittenhouse, Steve was there to introduce himself and his team. It was his focus and stamina that helped to make the Rittenhouse show one of the pinnacles of excellence in the industry.  


For some artists, their entire professional career has been with Steve Oliver as the face of the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show, and his retirement will mark the end of an era. Aside from the retirement of a hard-working director, we will also lose a shining beacon of care and kindness that has become an integral part of the character of our board, and our event.

Steve cape both 5.jpg

Steve's 'royal' stroll around the square. The board gifted him the robe and crown for his last show as Managing Director.

 Such a great sport!

Steve ChrisREV.jpg

Is this the passing of the baton to new Managing Director Chris Buonomo?

CHris C Board Rsfaa.jpg

Chris Buonomo  steps up as Managing Director.

Steve Oliver's successor is Chris Buonomo. Chris has served on the board since 2018, and he brings a wealth of artistic and managerial experience to the position. From 1997 to 1999 he served as a sculptor's apprentice in Prague, after earning a BFA from the University of the Arts. His management skills included being co-owner of a local union HVAC company, serving the tri-state area, before forming 13 Degrees Studios in Philadelphia. As an exhibitor at the show since 2016, his organic stone and wood sculptures have evolved into a parallel vision of freeform abstract paintings, revealing an ambitious and creative course of study.  His humor and gregarious nature have already won over the trust and friendship of the board of directors as well as many of the exhibitors, and we're all excited to move forward with the exciting challenges that await us.  

"There is nothing permanent except change."


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Founded by artists in 1928, and run by a committee of artists today, the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show is the oldest outdoor art show in the country. Steeped in rich history and tradition, there is absolutely no other show like it. You can see more of our history by clicking here.


Returning visitors and patrons understand the unique sensations offered by our extraordinary setting. Step away from the frenetic world of schedules and deadlines. The color, imagery, and sculptural forms breathe life into the city during these two long-awaited events each spring and fall.  


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