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meet our guest jurors
for the June 2023 show


Teresa Haag


Teresa Haag is a professional artist, an artist-coach, and a gallery owner who lives and works in Phoenixville, PA.  A self-taught painter, she developed a signature style of working in oils on top of newspaper covered board.


Teresa describes her philosophy through this story: “When I was 12, I desperately wanted to get my ears pierced a second time, but my parents said no…so I dug through my little jewelry box my dad made me and grabbed my starter earrings they used to pierce my first holes when I was six, along with a couple of ice cubes. I did it myself."


She continues, "My overall approach to life is to take the bull by the horns and go all in… I find myself drawn to paint things that have that gritty, get it done feeling."  

LMuller_headshot72 copy_edited.jpg

 Lisa Muller

Lisa Muller began working in the arts professionally over two decades ago, after earning an MFA in ceramics from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.


Shifting to mixed media painting for the past several years, she has since exhibited her current work in galleries and art fairs nationally. 


As part of her full-time studio practice, teaching has been an important focus over the years, leading her to conduct classes and workshops at various venues including Cheltenham Center for the Arts, The Community Art Center in Wallingford, Touchstone Center for Crafts, Albright College, and privately.


Currently she maintains a working studio in central New York.

what is the jury process?

The term “juried” often appears in the description of an outdoor art show, but what does that really mean?  It may mean something a little different for each show producer, but overall it suggests that the show chooses its exhibitors through a process that focuses on the quality of the artwork. 


The Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show uses a “blind jury”, which means our jurors do not see the artist’s names while viewing the artwork during the jury process.  From the hundreds of applications we receive, one hundred and forty three artists are carefully selected for their artistic approach, and effective display.


In order to keep our shows fresh, we also invite new guest jurors for each show, who join our board in deciding which artists will be included in our June and September shows. These art professionals are chosen for their expertise in various media, and/or leadership roles in arts organizations.


Come on out to the show and see the results of this process.

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