frequently asked questions

When is the show?

Friday, September 17 - 11am to 6pm Saturday, September 18 - 11am to 6pm Sunday, September 19 - 11am to 5pm

Where Is the show?

Rittenhouse Square Park in Philadelphia PA Known as "the square," the park is widely considered one of the finest urban public spaces in the United States. The square cuts off 19th Street at Walnut Street and also at a half block above Manning Street. Its boundaries are 18th Street to the East, Walnut St. to the north, Rittenhouse Square West (a north-south boundary street), and Rittenhouse Square South (an east-west boundary street), making the park approximately two short blocks on each side. Click here for a map of the Show Layout GPS Coordinates: 39.9495° N, 75.1719° W Google Maps

Is there an admission fee?

The show is free for all to enjoy. There has never been an admission fee, and there never will be!

What is Rittenhouse Square?

Rittenhouse Square is a tranquil oasis of green in the heart of one of Philadelphia's most exclusive neighborhoods. One of five original squares planned by city founder William Penn in the late 17th century, Rittenhouse Square is a destination for Philly residents as well as those visiting the city for vacation or travel. It is also the home for the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Association's two outdoor art shows: one held in June and the other in September.

Who are the artists exhibiting at the show?

There are over 140 artists exhibiting in each of our live shows. Each artist is vetted by a panel of their peers. Artists are separated into six categories: oils & acrylics, drawings & pastels, mixed media, sculpture, watercolor and printmaking. We strive to show the widest range of styles possible so there is something for everyone at the show. You'll find the particpating artists under EXHIBITING ARTISTS on the menu bar. There are two drop downs for your convenience: By List and By Category. Click here for a map of the Show Layout so you can find you favorite artists.

Where can I park?


Best Parking

meterUP If you want to utilize metered parking. Download the app prior to arrival.

What else can I do after I see the show?

Philadelphia is rich in history, culture and the arts - the perfect place to host a fine art show and a great place for the entire family to visit and enjoy. The Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show can be the centerpiece for a fantastic family visit - for the day, weekend or longer. Great dining and hotel accommodations surround Rittenhouse Square, with shopping and world class museums, art galleries and other attractions in the immediate vicinity.

Is there a show program available?

Yes! The program can be found at each of the twelve Rittenhouse Square Park entrances on the days of the show. See a PDF of the full program here

Event Map

The professional artists line the perimeter of the park with their mobile galleries while the students fill the center of the square. Click here to download map Click here for our full program