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Be Inspired.
Be a Collector.

As you walk through the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show, you might be excited to attend yet not sure how to select and purchase artwork.

There are all kinds of shoppers, and just as many different reasons to buy a piece. Some people have been following an artist for years, while others prefer to surrender to something that makes their heart flutter. For those getting started, here are a few tips:


First, take it all in... 

This may sound obvious, but there really is so much to see, so many artists, and of course a wonderful day at a beautiful park. It’s all going to be part of your experience. Pace yourself, and be ready for an adventure.  It is okay to briefly consider some booths and linger at others, studying each piece. 


and take some notes

Make notes about which artists you want to revisit. Jot down what drew you into a booth or which piece resonated with you. Talk to the artists, learn about their story and process to begin the rewarding personal connection with artists you might support this weekend or down the road. Some may allow you to take a photograph to help remember which pieces you are considering.  For a deeper dive, check out artists’ online presence also, which may offer additional insight into their art and inspiration.

Above all, trust your intuition 

You might find yourself coming back to look at a piece three times. Think about how you pick a puppy from the litter . . .you should let the right puppy pick you, just like the piece of artwork that grabbed your heart. It picked you. As we are an all-original art show, try not to talk yourself out of owning something you love, lest it become the one that got away.

Understanding the value of art is key 

Set a budget, while remembering that no sum is too great for a purchase that will continue to make you happy. Artwork will make your life better, and supporting an artist is going to help them continue to be a better artist


Their work will become a part of your heart, your home, and your family. It is a great opportunity for everyone.

How to continue supporting the arts

Consider following your favorite artists on social media to see their latest creations and evolving body of work.  Send images of your own installations of the pieces you acquired. Artists truly appreciate seeing where their work now gets to call home.  Mark your calendar for the first weekend in June, and the third weekend in September, to plan to visit the artists you have gotten to know and discover new ones.

Enjoy who you’ve become: a patron of the arts at a prestigious event. Few things compare to being an art collector.  It is a passion you can continue throughout your life as you browse art shows and grow your collection over time.  Let your new acquisitions inspire and bring you joy daily — and remind you of the new artists in your life.


Art is our life. Let it be part of yours.

Fri & Sat 11-6, Sun 11-5 
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