June 2022
student artists 

Some of the best art colleges in the country can be found in our region along with many exceptional art departments in liberal arts universities. RSFAA reaches out to art programs in PA, DE, NJ, and NY to invite full-time art students to both of our annual shows. 


Visit the juried student artists in the center of Rittenhouse Square Park. We are proud to have these fresh voices as part of our show!

Taylor Brown

Rowan University

I am pursuing a Fine Art Degree. I enjoy oil painting, sculpting, and drawing the most. My work has smooth blended texture and good craftsmanship.

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Tali Burry-Schnepp

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

I am a multidisciplinary artist, working with oil paints, color woodblock printing and fiber arts as well as a bit of relief sculpture. I am earning a BFA with a concentration in painting but I believe the principles of image making I learn in my painting courses apply greatly to all my practices.

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Stephen C. Bush

Studio Incamminati

My work combines the classical techniques of painting and drawing with impressionist color.

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Holly Dudley

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

I work primarily in oil painting and drawing. My work is observational. I make art as a way to explore the motifs that interest and engage my visual imagination.
I am pursuing a bachelors of fine art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art for painting.

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Claire Hamilton

Arcadia University

My work plays with color, movement, lose and tight brush strokes, the unordinary and ordinary. I do not limit myself to one domain of expression and my work is a plethora of different styles from realism to abstraction. I'm pursing a BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design.

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Jay Harris

Studio Incamminati / Rowan University

Jay is a realism-trained artist currently working toward my B.F.A degree at Studio Incamminati and Rowan University's partnership program. In my own studio, I like to explore subjects outside my current scope of focus in class; my primary focus now being my thesis study.

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Justin Kapp

Studio Incamminati School for Contemporary Realist Art

I’m finishing up my studies in Studio Incamminati’s Advanced Fine Art Program. I enjoy painting portraits and figures, and have been moving in the direction of working larger and incorporating a looser handling of paint in certain passages.

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Erin Lees

Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University

My work shows my South American culture through the use of high intensity colors. These types of colors represent our loud and exotic nature which includes but not limited to our food, music, clothing, etc. I am pursuing a BFA in CADCAM/metals/Jewelry at Tyler School of Art & Architecture.

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Ally Manspeizer

University of Wisconsin-Madison

My work comes from a need to make spaces bright, colorful, and fun; my pieces are intended to make someone’s day a little bit better. Art has helped me with my mental health and my art practice has been a source of renewal and confidence for me. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Art.

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