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September 2022
student artists 

Some of the best art colleges in the country can be found in our region along with many exceptional art departments within universities. RSFAA reaches out to art programs in PA, DE, NJ, and NY to invite full-time art students to both of our annual shows. Learn More

“Rittenhouse has been creating spaces for young artists for nearly 100 years, and their work has been powerful for the art community and the community at large.”  

- Frances Donnelly Wolf

Deadline: March 15th 2023

The September 2022 Student Artist Award Winners
Awards presented by Pennsylvania's First Lady, Frances Donnelly Wolf (right front)


Keshawna Logan from University of the Arts won  the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show Award of Excellence

Michael Ballezzi_edited.png

Michael Ballezzi from Studio Incamminati won the Vasari Classic Oil Colors

Award of Excellence

Graham Cuddy.jpeg

Graham Cuddy, a student at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts won the Gross McCleaf Gallery Award

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 September 2022 Student Artists

Alexander Aubry

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

My work is concerned with observational and life painting. When observing from life, I often focus on figures, scenes, still lives or landscapes to paint and draw. I also work from imagination and memory. I am going into my senior year of the PAFA BFA program.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

Eloise Avery

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

The VT fields forests streams ponds mountains winding roads and inspiring vistas of summer inspire my work. My loose brushstrokes evoke the drama I see around me. The daily toil of farm work and my need to paint balance each other. I’m needed for the farm to thrive and I paint so that I may thrive.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

Michael Ballezzi

Studio Incamminati

Advanced Fine Art Program at Studio Incamminati. Representational Art. Figurative and Portrait.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

Megan Barnes

The University of The Arts

My work consists of colorful acrylic paintings usually of animals, landscapes or people. I am pursing a BFA with a focus in Painting.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

Taylor Brown

Rowan University

I am pursuing the studio art major at Rowan University and will be going into my senior year this fall. I enjoy painting, drawing, and sculpture. I use a vast majority of mediums to create work that I’m inspired by.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

Graham Cuddy

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

I just completed my degree at PAFA where I received a BFA in painting. My work is currently focused on the grid. I draw inspiration from its simplicity, complexity, and all the ways it can be used. The grid is found in many aspects of life, and I attempt to translate these into works of art.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

Holly Dudley

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art

I am a Painting major at the Pennsylvania academy of fine art. I primarily work in oil painting, drawing, and monotype printing.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

Jay R Harris

Rowan University / Studio Incamminati

I am pursuing a B.F.A in Studio Art through the Atelier program offered in by Rowan University in conjunction with Studio Incamminati. My work mainly centers around the idea of vaporware aesthetic, experimental work with oil paints, and pushing the limits of chroma.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

Anna Hoppel

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

I am an oil painter, working on large scale paintings that use high-key colors and dramatic contrasts to explore my perception of place. I am pursuing a joint BFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania, as a Painting major, Art History minor.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

Henry Kagan-Rowe

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

I am pursuing a degree in printmaking. During my time at PAFA I have also become interested in painting and sculpture. I like working with bold shapes and colors, and depicting scenes and emotions from reality in a more dramatic, or often humorous way.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

Justin Kapp

Studio Incamminati School for Contemporary Realist Art

I graduated from Studio Incamminati’s Advanced Fine Art Program this past May. I enjoy painting portraits and figures, and have been moving in the direction of working larger and incorporating a looser handling of paint in certain passages.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

Eva Kozlowski

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

I love working from life, and capturing the sensation of light in my paintings. Telling a story through an image allows for infinite possibilities. The excitement lies in creating any world I want in my work, and sharing it with others creates an even greater excitement.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

Liz Lippman

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

I struggle with mental health issues that often make me feel isolated, and art is the truest way I can express these feelings. I work figuratively, in order to capture a person’s individual self and put it on paper. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree, with a major in printmaking.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

Keshawna Logan

University of the Arts

Keshawna Logan is a senior at the University of the Arts pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Logan is interested in large-scale oil paintings, Screen printing, and mixed media projects. She employs color and collage and creates abstract interpretations of environmental spaces.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG

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