September 2021
student artists 

Some of the best art colleges in the country can be found in our region along with many exceptional art departments in liberal arts universities. RSFAA reaches out to art programs in PA, DE, NJ, and NY to invite full-time art students to both of our annual shows. 


Visit the September juried student artists in the center of Rittenhouse Square Park. We are proud to have these fresh voices as part of our show.

Taylor Brown    Rowan University

I use a very smooth technique as shown within my drawings and paintings. I primarily work with graphite and oil painting along with mixed media in sculpture. I take a lot of time in my work and catch lots of detail to bring my pieces altogether. I have fun making my work and have developed a lot of patience to be able to spend countless hours on each of my pieces.

Copy of _Brown_Taylor-1.jpeg
Copy of _Brown_Taylor.jpeg

Madeleine Cohen  Binghamton University

My medium is oil on canvas in the Impasto style. I use a fine palette knife to meticulously layer each coating of oil paint; pressing down at some layers, while simultaneously pulling at others. As a mountaineer, I am inspired by the towering trees and blurred horizons as I go for a summit. I seek to convey this unique relationship with nature in all of my paintings.

Copy of _Cohen_MadeleineAnne-1.JPG
Copy of _Cohen-MadeleineAnne.JPG

Abigail Dudley 
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

I work from observation and invention. I stretch my own linen and use traditional oil ground. I use oil paint to work in a range of sizes. And I also paint small watercolors. My art is a reflection of deep investigation into the material and observational possibilities of painting. I find inspiration in my immediate surroundings in life and in nature. I try to reveal the character of my subject through formal qualities.

Copy of _Dudley_Abigail-1.jpg
Copy of _Dudley_Abigail.jpg

Holly Dudley 
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

I primarily paint with oils. I paint small, intimate Alla prima paintings and larger studio work.  I also have a vigorous drawing practice of figures and landscapes. My work focuses on the landscape, figurative work, and interior subject matter. I am concerned with observational, atmospheric, and illusionistic qualities along with using a conceptual approach to convey a compelling and poetic portrayal of spaces.

Copy of _Dudley_Holly-1.jpeg
Copy of _Dudley_Holly.jpeg

Madison Greiner Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

I create paintings exploring narratives that take place inside dreamlike landscapes. I often incorporate children and I like to pull inspiration from Philadelphia and Manayunk based architecture and city structures.  I'm Philadelphia based and work out of my studio in Manayunk.

Copy of _Greiner_Madison-1.jpeg
Copy of _Greiner_Madison.jpeg

Jay Harris  Studio Incaminnati

My artwork is heavily inspired by classical and mythical themes- I am inspired by many greek and roman myths and lots of my work represents this through the use of light and shadow, as well as use of certain color palettes.  Although I have practiced realism for nearly five years now, I still want to push myself to be better than before in each work. I am currently studying the human figure and anatomy

Copy of _Harris_Jay-1.jpeg
Copy of _Harris_Jay.jpeg

Abigail Leitinger Rowan University

The majority of my work is done in ink, the ideal medium for the delicate, precise lines I employ in my pieces. Others, however, are done using acrylic paint, charcoal, oil pastels, and watercolor. My art is experimental, so what you see is the result of my exploration into new techniques, materials, subject matters, etc. I, of course, know what I like and what I'm good at, but the world of art is so expansive. I like to keep an open mind.

Copy of _Leitinger_Abby-1.jpg
Copy of _Leitinger_Abby_edited.jpg

Henry Murphy Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

My work primarily consists of oil paintings on canvas or wood panels that apply a variety of techniques such as painting alla prima from observation , as well as in studio paintings from imagination. Many of my paintings are created in the landscape from observation in the Philadelphia area, while many others are imaginative, pulling from folk traditions combined with aesthetic concepts of design and modern painting.

Copy of Murphy_Henry-1.jpg
Copy of Murphy_Henry.JPG

Linda Perry Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Using woodcut, intaglio and lithography I create landscapes that depict an irony or contradiction in what people have made--and where they have made it.  My objective is to get you to stop and look and perhaps ask yourself, "Can that be right?"  My methods include woodcut, intaglio and lithography using pine blocks, zinc plates and nitric acid, crayons and limestone, respectively.  In most cases I do not use a computer to create the image or substrate.

Copy of _Perry_Linda-1.jpg
Copy of _Perry_Linda.JPG

Kaela Pinizzotto 
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

My main printmaking mediums are wood engraving and lithography. I carve and draw each image so the majority of the image is dark, putting focus on the one area that is illuminated by light. I aim to depict an ethereal light in my work, a type of light that moves me emotionally. It is often the main theme in my prints and drawings, with nature and landscape showcasing light as the motif. I work in a representational and rendered way.

Copy of _Pinizzotto_Kaela-1.JPG