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Madelynne Brynne Reilly (left), winner of the
September 2019 Student Award of Excellence.

Some of the best art colleges in the country can be found in our region along with many exceptional art departments in liberal arts universities. RSFAA reaches out to art programs in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York to invite full-time art students to apply for our June and September shows. As a result, the show is privileged to feature a juried group of fine art students working in various media. For the art students chosen to exhibit this is an important chance to interact with the public, offering a window into the outdoor art festival world which remains a vibrant part of the art market across the country. For collectors and those who appreciate and support the arts, getting a chance to meet artists during their time as students is a rare opportunity. Distinctive as a seminal moment in an artist’s trajectory, student work is often characterized by a raw passion for subject matter, a broad conceptual range, and an unmetered approach to creative decisions. We encourage visitors to seek out the students in the center of Rittenhouse Square Park and strike up a conversation.

As a student, how do I qualify to show my work?

You must be a CURRENT FULL-TIME ART STUDENT. Due to the COVID pandemic, we are also accepting applications from art students who graduated in 2020 or 2021. Students are welcome to share a booth, but both must pass the jury process and each will be required to pay the $60 participation fee.

How Do I Get Accepted Into The Show?

Follow these Steps: 1) Fill out the Online Application through Zapplication. 2) Wait for an acceptance email. Once accepted you will pay a $60 booth fee.

Can I Leave My Booth Up Overnight?

Yes. Most artists leave their tents overnight and zip them up. We provide overnight guards on the four corners on the square and one in the middle with the student tents. However, the show is not liable for any lost, broken, or stolen items left over night. Your work left in your space is at your own risk.

What Happens If It Rains?

The Rittenhouse show is a rain or shine show, meaning we show in the rain too. So, it is important that you bring a tent or tarp to protect your work. You can find an EZ-UP tent online for around 100/150 dollars, you could borrow one from your school or a teacher, or you can rent one from a tent rental agency. Leaving early makes the show look bad and affects the artists around you, so please be courteous and stick out the weather with all of us. The penalty for leaving early in the rain or not showing up, is a 2-year suspension from the show. If the weather becomes severe, a decision will be made by the board of directors on whether or not to close the show. The information will be shared with you as soon as it becomes available.

I still have questions. How can I learn more about the show?

We will have a special Q&A for Student Artists on Thursday, August 12th at 7pm on Instagram Live click for replay Board member and sculptor Chris Buonomo will lead the discussion and answer any remaining questions you may have. To tune in and participate, go to @rittenhousesquareart on IG at 7pm on the 12th and put your questions in the comments.

Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Association Discrimination and Harassment Policy

RITTENHOUSE SQUARE FINE ART ASSOCIATION CODE OF CONDUCT The Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Association is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination and harassment. We ask all Show participants to embrace our values of equity and equality and conduct themselves at this Show consistent with those values. At every Show, there is a designee as the first point of contact for any who thinks they have experienced discriminatory, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior. View a complete copy of RSFAA Discrimination and Harassment Policy here. Thank you.

What is my TAX obligation?

All exhibiting artists are responsible for City and State taxes. PHILADELPHIA TAXES & CITY LICENSE: Here is the link to the Trade Show Vendor Return and instructions you need to fulfill your city tax obligations after the show. If you need any help, please address questions to Dana Jones at the Philadelphia Department of Revenue, at 215-686-6448 or She has been told to expect your calls, and will happy to help! PENNSYLVANIA TAXES: You will also need to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue for information about your Pennsylvania (6%) and Philadelphia (2%) sales tax responsibilities. Prior to making taxable sales, rentals or leases, one must apply for a license with the PA Department of Revenue. Registration for Sales, Use and Hotel Occupancy Tax, Public Transportation Assistance Fund Taxes and Fees and Vehicle Rental Tax can be completed by registering online using the PA Open for Business website at : or by completing a paper PA Enterprise Registration Form (PA-100). Note: While we make every effort to be sure this tax information is updated and accurate, Philadelphia tax regulations oftentimes change, and the RSFAA makes no legal representation of any kind that this information is necessarily current and fully accurate. If the exhibiting artist has any concerns, he/she should contact the Philadelphia Department of Revenue site at using the above contact information.

Your Sept 2021 Show Information Packet

We are doing our part to lessen paper usage and trash by providing your artist information packet online. CLICK HERE for the complete Artist Information Packet PDF. If you need a printed verion we will have a few copies available at the information tent. Reading and following the rules outlined in the packet will ensure a smooth show for everyone. Thank you!

Parking Parkwhiz Best Parking meterUP If you want to utilize metered parking. Download the app prior to arrival. Please Remember! This is a big city. If you have a large van, trailer or RV, you may have some difficulty finding a lot. They are out there, but after you find one, you may have to walk several blocks back to the Square.

Sept 2021 Show Dates & Hours

Friday, Sept 17, 2021 11am - 6pm Saturday, Sept 18, 2021 11am - 6pm Sunday, Sept 19, 2021 11am - 5pm

Event Map

The student artists fill the center of the square. Click here to download map