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June 2022 Student Award Winners
Holly Dudley.Tali Burry-Schnepp

Student Q & A  


Feb, 2022 

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Holly Dudley (left)
Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show  Award of Excellence

Tali Burry-Schepp (right)
The Blick Art Materials Award
Martin & Bob.jpg
Martin Campos and Robert Bohne
June Armstrong award presenter

Are you a full-time ART student currently enrolled at the college level in Pennsylvania, or surrounding states? If so, you are eligible to apply for our June or September shows.


For student artists focused on becoming professionals, this is a highly visible opportunity to interact with the public and foster collectors. RSFAS offers a window into the outdoor art festival world, a competitive arena which remains a vibrant part of the art market across the country. For the public, especially those who support the arts, getting a chance to meet and purchase work from an artist during their time as a student is a thrill.


The student area is juried by professionals chosen from Philadelphia's active art community. We encourage patrons to seek out our student artists, find inspiration in their passion, and strike up a conversation. 

June Armstrong
Director of Operations for Friends of Rittenhouse Square
Presented the Student Awards

photos by Jill Fannon Photography