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Rittenhouse Fine Art Show acts on the premise that we are all creative. At each of our shows you can visit our Community Outreach Partners in the center of Rittenhouse Square. See how these dynamic organizations are working creatively to make a more connected and vibrant Philadelphia. 

Our Community Outreach Partners

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Below, read an account from a newsletter produced by one of Philadelphia's most active community supported arts organizations, Portside Arts Center. 


Portside Takes On Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show


(excerpts from PAC's September 2019 newsletter)


This past weekend, September 13th to September 15th, Portside Arts Center had the pleasure and great honor of participating in the 92nd annual Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show. 

This year, the students from the After School Arts Program did something special for the show. They each received their own unique piece of wood cut from trees in the Poconos. On these pieces of wood, each child created a painting using a watercolor wash for the background, and scenes from nature in the foreground including images of plants and animals. They proved to be very popular among passersby, who were drawn in and intrigued by the materials and concepts of the pieces. We had many familiar faces come through the show, including some of our students and their families. A few of the students even conducted live on site painting projects! 

"When you sell a piece, you feel like you're a part of something

bigger than yourself," said Maya L. about having her

artwork in the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show.

We are fortunate to have such an encouraging and caring community of artists,

families and individuals involved with Portside.