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Visit with artists, ask questions & stay in touch throughout the year. 

We look forward to seeing you.
May 9 ~ 5pm est
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"I spend a lot of time creating an imaginary world filled with people and creatures who are confident in their eccentricity.


My art celebrates the quirky, weird side of our personalities. It’s that part we sometimes try hard to hide but, in reality, might be our superpower.


It’s what makes us special and helps us stand out from the crowd."

May 23 ~ 5pm est
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Kate Carney


"I was brought up in England, and attended college in London. After that studio first year my focus was on Art History and Humanities (more marketable to my parents!)


A professional artist for +20 years, my work is more heavily influenced by what I learned of the masters than by my studio training. The animals and figures I paint are like the actors in a play for me. They create a symbolic narrative."

Fri & Sat 11-6, Sun 11-5 
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